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Get, Set, Cook Steam and Convection Combo

Jul 122014

There are many convection ovens in the market but every once in a while, a product arrives that blows the customers’ minds away. Such is the case with the Cuisinart CSO-300 Steam/Convection Combo oven. It mixes the power of steam with convection to allow you bake, roast, proof and reheat a variety of food items like chicken, pizza, dough, bread, pretzels, donut and cake. In fact this list can go on and on if you are a little adventurous and like to come up with inventive dishes.

Steam Power

This deserves a special mention as the steam component of the Cuisinart CSO-300 Steam/Convection Combo oven makes making cake, bread and donuts very easy. In fact with the intervention of steam, you can cut down on your cooking time by as much as 40%. To generate steam, the oven comes with a 47 ounce water reservoir that provides you with 120 minutes of steam, much more than you need in most of the cases.

It will also let you proof your dough so your foods will have that nice moist feel about them while testing absolutely fresh. Apart from the steam and bake goodness, it works as a regular toaster oven as well and you can easily roast a 4.5 Pound chicken with the Cuisinart CSO-300 Steam/Convection Combo. If the chicken and the donuts do not satiate you, go for a 12” pizza which can be easily baked and cooked using this oven. And since it accommodates larger food items, reheating your leftovers is very easy as well.

The steam option comes in very handy when you are making salads. Put your vegetables inside the oven, turn on the steam and will get a fresh plate of salads with nice soft vegetables.

The oven comes with broiler, wire and baking racks and also includes a crumb and drip tray. With a stainless steel body, a dial control and a blue crisp LED display, the Cuisinart CSO-300 Steam/Convection Combo will look good in your kitchen as well.

As you can also see on this convection oven reviews website, this is a convection oven that lets you use steam in the most intuitive ways, lets you bake and roast amazing tasty dishes without breaking a sweat, handles vegetables and looks very cool in your kitchen. Although the Cuisinart CSO-300 Steam/Convection Combo is priced a little on the higher side, it is worth every penny you will pay for it.

Essential Things You Should Know About Smoke Detectors

Apr 172014

It almost goes without saying that smoke detectors are essential, in each and every home. If they are maintained properly, they are the only device in your home that can notify you and your family that there is a fire within your house. They can detect smoke 24 hours a day which means that even if you are asleep or working in your garage, these detectors can examine the air in your house if there’s a smoke or fire.
And if there is, they will let you know! Boy do these detectors make NOISE!

First Alert SA710CN Smoke Alarm with Photoelectric SensorAre smoke detectors within your means?
Fortunately, smoke alarms these days have an affordable price tag. At $5, you can already help save your family’s life and valuables, and a dual-sensor smoke alarm can cost around $25. But while the dual systems are more expensive, they can really be worth, considering the benefits they offer (more on this below).

What types of smoke detectors are available?
You can find different brands and models of smoke alarms on the market, and I think I have found the best ones at this smoke sensor review post. All of them are categorized in two types, i.e. ionization and photoelectric, but unfortunately there is no way to detect which model is better than the other (as every fire situation is different). So because no one can foretell the type of fire that may start in your home, it is highly recommended that you install both types of smoke alarms. Or, as already touched on above, you can opt to purchase and set up dual sensor smoke detectors as they are equipped with the double detection ionization and photoelectric sensing technologies.

Kidde i9040 Fire Sentry Ionization SensorI also have to add that these are not the only sensors you should think about, you can find a plethora of different types of sensor you never knew existed. On the same website I have found for instance:

Traditional Mopping Still Better than Steam?

Mar 132014

Steam mopping may be all the rage these days but we present you this article in an attempt to settle a few doubts and calm some nerves.

Traditional mopping system typically consists of a bucket of hot water, some harsh chemical detergent and a healthy and strong mop. You have to mix detergent in the hot water and dip the mop in it to start cleaning.


  1. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the goodness of traditional mops is the expense. It is really cheap.
  2. The utility bills are also cut down as the labor is completely manual.
  3. Mopping is a good exercise, so if you have all the time in the world, you can lose a few pounds by mopping the floors religiously every day.


  1. It is extremely time consuming and tiresome.
  2. The detergent used can be hazardous to health, especially for toddlers.
  3. A traditional mop is not always designed to reach the furthest and narrowest corners of the house, thus leaving unclean areas around the house.

Now if you still believe that steam mops will do a better job, make sure to check the mop reviews of Steam Insider.

Camping Air Mattress Specifics

Jan 302014

Air Bed and Air Mattress

Over the years, air mattresses have come up as a strong alternative to sleeping bags and other sleeping solutions usually considered for trekking and camping. If you are contemplating a trip to the woods or the hills and are worried about the sleeping arrangements then an air mattress is the answer to your questions. An air mattress is a better alternative as it does not occupy much space while deflated, is easy to carry and as comfortable as traditional beds.

Although there are many choices available in the market, Aero Sport All Terrain is often considered the best air mattress for camping (here for instance) because of the following reasons:

  • It is fast and easy to inflate using the in-built pump, and some beds can perfectly keep the air (good for your health). The pump needs prior charging but can be charged using the cigarette lighter of your vehicle too. The bed deflates in just one minute.
  • It is a queen sized bed hence it can easily accommodate a couple of adults or a few toddlers.
  • The material is thick and strong so the bed does justice to its “All Terrain” name and can handle rocky terrains and other challenging conditions with effortless ease.
  • The internal coil system perfectly supports the body weight while sleeping.
  • It has in-built pillows so no need to carry additional ones.
  • It comes with a special bag that can be used to carry the bed around easily.

There are other choices in the market too but Sleep on Air has chosen the Aero Sport All Terrain best air bed of 2014 when it comes to mattresses for camping. If you are worried about the cost then you would be relieved to know that this amazing mattress comes with an affordable price tag. So make this air bed a permanent member of your camping party from now on.

More info:
Sleep on Air

Wine Coolers - The Right Choice For The Right Taste

Jan 252014

If you are a wine fan and love throwing parties more often than not then having a wine cooler is a necessity because knowing which one to get is very important for best results. The cooling zone is the first fact to look out for and whether it provides cooling for two types of wines — reds and whites. If you prefer red opt for the single-zone coolers but if you like both then opt for the dual zone ones. As there are many models available in the market, you can pick one from the top 5 listed below:

There are other good models in the market as well that will definitely suit your needs and your budget.

For more information, make sure to check the website

The Different Types of Induction Cooktops

Jan 172014

Induction cooktops are growing in popularity every day, but you must remember there are several different types of cooktops, and not every style may suit your needs equally well.

Following are a few types of induction cookware:


These induction cooktops are light, portable and definitely the most easy to use. People living in studio apartments with a love for cooking cannot deny the usefulness of these cooktops. Moreover it can be carried while travelling. Max Burton 6200 Deluxe can be considered as the best in the market in this category.

Induction Cooktop with Two Burners:

The specialty of this model is that it is portable yet provides more cooking options. The slightly bigger size is due to the two burners it is installed with. The two burners enhance the cooking speed by cooking two items at the same time and save a lot of energy as well. True Double Induction Cooktop is the most popular in the market.

Built In Cooktop:

This type of cooktops can be installed inside the kitchen counter, once again a perfect choice for homes with limited spaces. GE PHP960DMBB 5 burner built-in cooktop is one of the best in this range.

Induction Range:

This is actually a cooking range with induction burners on top.

For more information on induction cooktops please check this induction review website, and find tons of useful information.


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